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We salute the following from the world of culture and the arts who succumbed to COVID-19 along with 1,111,714+ others in our planet





Rinat Ibragimov (Russia)
classical music double bass player
(November 5, 1960 - September 2, 2020 in London)

Rinat Ibragimov performs, on an original 3-stringed period instrument by Antonio Gagliano, the Concerto for Double Bass No 2 in B Minor by Giovanni Bottesini. He is accompanied by Catherina Edwards on the piano. [Video uploaded by London Symphony Orchestra, 12 January 2020]



Bill Pursell (United States)
pianist and composer
(June 9, 1926 - September 3, 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee)

Bill Pursell's recording in 1963 of the Johnny Cowell instrumental composition "Our Winter Love." [Video interpretation by DrinkingStar, uploaded 28 April 2008]



Lloyd Cadena (Philippines)
satire vlogger
(September 23, 1993 - September 4, 2020 in Muntinlupa)

One of Lloyd Cafe Cadena's LC Learns vlogs from 2012, uploaded 6 August



Johny Bakshi (India)
film director, producer and actor
(January 2, 1932 - September 5, 2020 in Mumbai)

Johny Bakshi. [Photo from indianexpress.com]



Sterling Magee (United States)
blues musician known as "Mister Satan," part of the duo Satan and Adam
(1936 - September 6, 2020 in Gulfport, Florida)

The Groove Master: Sterling "Mister Satan" Magee, uploaded by Modern Blues Harmonica, 15 December 2009]



Bruce Williamson (United States)
R&B and soul music singer (former lead singer of The Temptations)
(September 28, 1970 - September 6, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada)

Bruce Williamson (foreground). [Photo by AP Photos grabbed from deadline.com]



Yopie Latul (Indonesia)
(September 7, 1953 - September 9, 2020 in Cibinong)

Yopie Latul - "Poco-Poco" (Official music video). [Uploaded by Insictech Musicland, 17 June 2013]



KS Firoz (Bangladesh)
(July 7, 1946 - September 9, 2020 at the Combined Military Hospital, Dhaka)

KS Firoz. [Photo from thedailystar.net]



Toots Hibbert (Jamaica)
founder and lead singer of Toots and the Maytals
(December 8, 1942 - September 11, 2020 in Kingston)

Toots Hibbert - "Country Roads," from A Reggae Session, 1988. [Uploaded by Ambassador Entertainment Inc., 13 September 2020]



Joaquín Carbonell (Spain)
singer-songwriter, journalist and poet
(August 12, 1947 - September 12, 2020 in Zaragoza, Aragon)

Joaquín Carbonell - "Me Gustaría del Mar," live at the Barradas Auditorium, Barcelona as part of the 20th Edition of the Barnasants Song Festival, 19 February 2015. [Uploaded by Jose Luis Martinez, 22 February 2015]



Ajit Das (India)
actor, director and playwright
(January 20, 1949 - September 13, 2020 in Bhubaneswar)

Ajit Das. [Photo by Achyuta Samanta/Twitter grabbed from indianexpress.com]



Sadek Bachchu (Bangladesh)
(January 1, 1955 - September 14, 2020 in Dhaka)

Sadek Bacchu. [Photo from homesbo.com]



Florent Pereira (India)
broadcast journalist and film actor
(1952/1953 - September 14, 2020 in Chennai)

Florent Pereira. [Photo from Times of Cinema grabbed from youtube.com]



Asit Bandopadhyay (India)
Bengali dramatist, screenwriter and actor
(? - September 18, 2020 in Kolkata)

Asit Bandopadhyay (rightmost) with from left Debnath Bandyopadhyay, Maya Ghosh, and Sumita Bandyopadhyay in Buddhadeb Bhattacharya's play Duhsomoy. [Photo © Nemai Ghosh, linked from guftugu.in]



Gerardo Vera (Spain)
costume and set designer, opera director, actor and film and theater director
(March 10, 1947 - September 20, 2020 in Miraflores de la Sierra, Madrid)

Gerardo Vera at the awarding of his 1987 Goya Award for Best Costume Design for work on Carlos Saura's El Amor Brujo. [Video uploaded by Goya Awards, 18 March 2016]



Hamdi Benani (Algeria)
singer and musician
(January 1, 1943 - September 21, 2020 in Annaba)

Hamdi Benani performing at a New Year's Eve recital in Paris organized by Pipou Chergui, 2014. [Video uploaded by Aissawa Pipou Chergui, 16 March 2015]



Tommy DeVito (United States)
musician and singer, best known as the founding member of The Four Seasons
(June 19, 1928 - September 21, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada)

Tommy DeVito (leftmost) with the rest of The Four Seasons in 1965. [Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images grabbed from theguardian.com]



Ashalata Wabgaonkar (India)
Marathi and Hindi stage, film and television actress
(July 2, 1941 - September 22, 2020 in Satara, Maharashtra)

Ashalata Wabgaonkar. [Photo by MarathiActors.com grabbed from wikiandbio.com]



S. P. Balasubrahmanyam (India)
musician, playback singer, music director, actor, dubbing artist and film producer
(June 4, 1946 - September 25, 2020 in Chennai)

S. P. Balasubrahmanyam sings "Tumse Milne Ki Tamanna Hai" from Saajan (1991). [Video uploaded by Hemantkumar Mahale, 8 September 2019]



Mirza Shahi (Pakistan)
actor and comedian
(1950 - September 29, 2020 in Karachi)

Mirza Shahi. [Photo grabbed from dialoguepakistan.com]



Kenzō Takada (France, Japan)
fashion designer and founder of Kenzo
(February 27, 1939 - October 4, 2020 in Neuilly-sur-Seine)

Episode 5 ("Kenzo Takada") of the Renegades of Fashion series, uploaded 2 March 2020 by Fashion Industry Broadcast



David Refael ben Ami (Israel)
(October 8, 1950 - October 9, 2020 in Jerusalem)

Reb David Refael Ben Ami sings Rabbi Ginsburgh's "Odecha." [Uploaded by Inner.org Harav Ginsburgh's English Channel, 14 August 2019]



Mykola Petrenko (Ukraine)
poet and playwright
(November 6, 1925 - October 10, 2020 in Lviv)

Mykola Petrenko. [Photo by Mykola Tys linked from opinionua.com]



Hugo Arana (Argentina)
film, television and stage actor
(July 23, 1943 - October 11, 2020 in Buenos Aires)

Hugo Arana in select scenes from the 14th episode of the television series Para vestir santos (To Dress Saints), 2010. [Uploaded by El Trece, 24 February 2016]



Yehoshua Kenaz (Israel)
(March 2, 1937 - October 12, 2020)

A WikiWikiup audio of a version of the English Wikipedia article on Kenaz, uploaded by WikiWikiup on 25 September 2016



Ryszard Ronczewski (Poland)
(June 27, 1930 - October 17, 2020 in Sopot)

Ryszard Ronczewski. [Photo from polishnews.co.uk]



Ilana Rovina (Israel)
singer and actress
(February 10, 1934 - October 18, 2020 in Tel Aviv-Yafo)

Ilana Rovina - "Go With Her," from her debut album Both Sides, 1971. [Uploaded by Israeli Classics Israeli Classics, 1 April 2012]







[Much thanks to all of you. Rest in peace.]










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